Chosen Leaders. Proven Impact.

Lantern Partners recruits and assesses senior executives with proven achievements - and this means proven results for your enterprise.

The C-level executives we place are intrepid, forward thinkers who thrive in complex, challenging environments. Who do we recruit?

  • CEOs and their direct reports for investor-backed technology companies
  • Partners / Managing Directors for professional services firms
  • Information Officers for growth stage and Fortune 500 companies
  • Senior executives for market-leading companies in healthcare and life sciences

Why is Lantern Partners the firm of choice with investors, professional services, and global technology companies across North America?

  • We are relentless about delivering extraordinary, measurable results.
  • We disrupt the traditional model with our proprietary assessment process and tools which has resulted in an industry-leading stick rate.
  • Through 25+ years of successful projects executed across the country, we have a deep network of senior leaders, consultants, and investors.

What Our Clients Have to Say


We are the experts.

We reach further, recruit faster, and our candidates stick longer – and we have the stats to prove it.

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    Our placements drive value for our clients
    for an average of almost 5 years.

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    Last year, 72 percent of our work
    came from repeat clients.

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    92 percent of the time, we present three qualified candidates within the first 30 days.