What Can Executives Do To Get The Most Of Their Mornings?

Definition of productivityTo have a productive day, it’s essential to get off on the right foot by having a productive morning. But that’s often easier said than done; with distractions like chatty co-workers milling around the coffee maker and the draw of the morning’s latest front-page news, a quick start can sometimes be quite difficult to attain.

If you’re struggling to get your day rolling in a productive manner, there’s a way to turn things around. Try out the tips below.

Put Off Email

First, put off your email for one hour, as suggested by Julie Morgenstern, productivity expert and author of “Never Check Email In The Morning.” While email may be the pulse of your business, putting it off for an hour in order to accomplish one other project can do wonders for whittling down your checklist. Think of it this way: Opting for a project other than email during the first hour of the day ensures that no matter how quickly the work day slips away when it’s packed with calls, meetings, a working lunch, emails, and so forth, you’ll still have a tangible accomplishment to show for your efforts at the end of the day.

Take On Tough Projects

To ramp up productivity in this first hour, I say dive right into a tough project. You’ll be taking advantage of your alertness and that crisp, fresh feeling of morning by tackling that difficult project straight away. Why put off your toughest project for the end of the day, when you are tired out from the rest of the day’s work? This pays off two-fold: Not only have you accomplished “something” straight away, but you’re also able to check off “the most difficult something” from your checklist.

Make Morning Meetings Count

Another way to set yourself up for a productive morning is by strategically scheduling meetings. Say no to standard weekly meetings, as they can be a waste of time; have a meeting when you need a meeting. When a meeting is needed, you should only put it on your morning calendar if deliverables are involved. If the purpose of the meeting is simply for reporting, move it to the afternoon so you can really put your morning sharpness to work.

These few tips should help you get the ball rolling, but they’re not enough. Taking care of yourself is key to making productive mornings possible, according to Dr. David Heber, professor of medicine and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition. This means starting off your day with some exercise and getting in a nutritional meal. These are both unilaterally positive, as a good diet and exercise boast health benefits and get you energized for the day, putting you on the right track for productivity and success.